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About this event:

This workshop will offer geoscientists and industry players an opportunity to see and discuss the exploration of Brazilian Equatorial Margin (BEM), from the perspective of E&P and service companies, as well as the academia. Applied leading-edge seismic and non-seismic technologies will be discussed as one the most important tools to illuminate and reduce the risk associated with drilling “slope to basin floor reservoirs” in deep and ultra-deep water. This meeting offers the opportunity to discuss the lessons learned from Guiana Basins, one of the world’s hottest plays, and how to leverage this knowledge to de-risk the BEM. Another debate during the conference will be exploratory lessons from the African Conjugate Margin, the cradle of important oil discoveries during the last 20 years. The BEM is unique, even when compared with the African conjugate basins. Key issues will be discussed: The distribution in time and space of source and reservoir rocks, crustal boundaries, magmatism, and associated thermal regimes. Seismic Imaging and technological advancements over the past 15 years, made it possible to explore ultra-deep waters worldwide. However, environmental concerns have caused a delay exploratory drilling in Brazil, postponing risk assessments of financially feasible exploratory projects within the BEM.

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